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Setpoint Announces Acquisition of Resolute Diligence Solutions, Strengthening Technology Platform For Asset Backed Lending

Setpoint announces the acquisition of Resolute Diligence Solutions, an industry leading due diligence provider focused on Single Family Rental (SFR) and Residential Transition Loans (RTL). Third party due diligence is the trust builder in lending transactions – ensuring each deed, title, or lease is verified and reported accurately against financial statements. Resolute is the preferred partner by the world’s largest banks and private lenders as well as originators. The combination of Resolute’s outstanding service and Setpoint’s technology will revolutionize fintech lending. 

“Resolute is highly complementary to the Setpoint platform and, when combined, is far and away the best in class solution for capital markets borrowers and lenders. A clear example of 1 + 1 = 4”, said Setpoint Co-Founder and CIO Michael Lam.

Founded by Brent Taggart and Richard Lundbeck, Resolute has quickly become a leading diligence firm covering SFR and RTL transactions. Resolute’s customer obsession and deep industry experience enabled their rapid expansion and position as the preferred partner for lenders and originators. Resolute’s transaction services and customer service will continue to be a mainstay of the combined Setpoint & Resolute offering.

Behind consumers’ most important transactions, from buying a home to using a credit card, is a complex system of trust and credit. Each day, billions move between warehouse lenders and companies that originate loans. These transactions are powered by email, Excel, paper documents and software developed in the 1980s. Errors and friction drive up the cost to lend or borrow. As a result, consumers and businesses lack equal access to trust and credit.

Setpoint Co-Founder and CEO Stuart Wall said, “We first learned about Resolute from our customers – the largest lenders and originators in the world consistently told us they loved working with Resolute. We realized that adding Resolute to the Setpoint platform would create an integrated, all-in-one solution that will revolutionize capital markets operations.”

Setpoint has built lightning fast, accurate infrastructure that makes credit more widely available and the underlying assets and loans more liquid, which drives down costs for lenders and borrowers. Setpoint offerings include:

3rd Party Verification Services:

  • Diligence Agent: fast, accurate, and streamlined certification of collateral documents
  • Calculation and Paying Agent: accurate certification of borrower’s funding request and partnerships with Account Banks to enable movement of funds 

Capital Markets Operating Software:

  • Portfolio Manager: real-time monitoring, forecasting, and optimization of capital usage, automated borrowing base calculations and compliance triggers
  • Collateral Manager: tracks data, documents, lender requirements and operational workflows across an asset’s funding lifecycle
  • Valuations Manager: automated and streamlined BPO, Appraisal and AVM fulfillment

About Setpoint

Setpoint is technology infrastructure for asset-backed lending. Founded in 2021, Setpoint’s capital and technology platform enables real-estate, auto, consumer, and other asset-backed borrowers to offer next-generation credit options to consumers. Setpoint is the foundation and platform that helps originators and lenders do their best work. To learn more, please visit

About Resolute Diligence Solutions

Resolute, acquired by Setpoint in 2023, specializes in providing asset level reviews for single family rental, fix and flip and transportation transactions. Resolute is the preferred partner by the world’s largest banks and private lenders as well as originators due to their customer obsession and deep industry experience. To learn more, please visit

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