Infrastructure for the future of real estate.

Setpoint's platform is the foundation for real-estate innovation - unlocking speed, efficiency and accuracy for PropTech companies and their lenders.

Why Setpoint?

Our funding platform unlocks growth for Proptechs and gives peace-of-mind to their Capital Providers.

Move fast

Get started on our platform in minutes, and unlock home funding in under 24 hours.

Be more efficient

Setpoint automates funding workflows, making home purchases easy and simple.

Act with precision

Setpoint's platform guarantees accuracy and compliance for borrowers and their lenders.

Build a single source of truth.

Replace spreadsheets and manual funding processes with smart workflows. Borrowers and lenders can access, store, and manage verified property collateral — without the legwork.

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Scale fast with easy-to-reach capital.

Setpoint's purpose-built capital is accessible and can be deployed with ease for modern real estate products.

Flexible solutions tailored to your real estate posture.

Setpoint partners with companies on both sides of the modern real estate transaction. Whether you're a Proptech or Capital Provider — our technology unlocks new possibilities.


Setpoint provides reporting, analytics, and compliance tracking to borrowers and lenders.

“Setpoint’s tech and capital helps us make contingent-free cash offers faster so that our customers beat the competition. Before, we didn’t have software to manage the cross-functional workflow for our power buying services. Now, we have a platform that’s dynamic and easy to use. As a result, we save time, money, and stress — which is important as we rapidly scale.”

Patrick McPhee,

Senior Manager FP&A


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Powering innovative real-estate products.

Setpoint is purpose-built for a variety of modern real estate products.

Unlock modern real estate transactions.

Simple software, easy-to-access capital — in one place, for the first time.